Weekly News – Oct 12, 2022

Oct 12, 2022 | News

Oct 12, 2022

Greetings Everyone,

Our speaker tomorrow is Malissa McClelland –Distinguished Dispensary.  Malissa will discuss the legalization of marijuana and what it means for New Mexico. There are many kinds of products and she will tell us some things they are used for. Some people use products for medicinal benefits (anxiety or helping with sleep) or recreational benefits.  Malissa said she will bring a sample of topical cream and she will welcome your questions.


Di Searle will give a brief update on Caliente’s Cabaret, Oct 22 at the Little Theater.

Board Members  – Please stay after the meeting – Board Meeting 1:00pm, immediately following the club meeting.

Thank you to Marlene Batelle, our speaker last week.  We loved hearing about hiking trips and fun places you can go to adventure.

Update: We had the dates wrong and our visitors from the Corrales Kiwanis Club will visit tomorrow. Maple Levine, our Lt. Governor for Div. 2, husband Don Levine (Past SW District Gov), Sue Hinchcliffe (past Lt. Governor), and her husband Glen.

The Board voted to approve 2 people for membership: Di Searle-employed by Guardian Angels and Mike Feazell-retired.  Both are sponsored by Bernadette Alarid.  They will be inducted at their earliest convenience.

A big thank you to everyone that came on Monday to the Farmington Boys & Girls Club to help try on and deliver the shoes to the kids.  What a crew we had and some great characters like the Grinch and Belle and some wonderful community members and leaders.  Also, thank you to those that came to the Bloomfield Club yesterday to help children there with their shoes.  We had a large community support there with about a dozen police and fire crew members!

Please keep these upcoming dates in mind and consider signing up for these important events. 

We will have the Sign-up for Clothes for Kids at the meeting tomorrow to start organizing volunteers; please sign-up to help us for November 2nd and 3rd. 

We are in full gear for our annual Coats for Kids program and plan to hand out more coats than in previous years.  Our event will happen at the Civic Center on November 12th at 9am. 

We are currently looking for volunteers to help “adopt” one of our donation bins.  It involves checking the bin once a week from Oct 14th ~ Nov 4th .   If you are available to help, please send an email to brian.turner@morganstanley.com


Fire Station 2                             3800 English Road           Christina Robertson

Fire Station 4                             790 Hutton Road                              <Need Volunteer>

Fire Station 5                             609 E. 30th St.                     Bernadette Alarid

Fire Station 6                             3101 W. Main St.                              <Need Volunteer>

Museum                                     3401 E. Main St.                Fran Mayfield

Cornerstone Home Lending       4801 N. Butler #13102    Leandra Darby

Bridge Assisted Living                1091 W. Murray               Debbie Fentiman

Hilcorp                                         382 Road 3100 (Aztec)                  <Need Volunteer>


TBD –  We apologize but we have to delay our African Library Boxing date due to some conflicts.  We appreciate all the support around this great program and a new date will be announced soon!

Di Searle has agreed to help Jill with Dining With the Dead!   Di will be working with the Guides and she and Jill will coordinate the Guides and Actors.

Members Health Updates:

John Westerman is currently at Cedar Ridge.  He had back surgery and got a blood infection.  He has to have 3 to 4 IV antibiotic infusions daily for 4 weeks. He hope to be back at Kiwanis sometime in November.

Jim Luther had a knee replacement last Thursday–as an outpatient! He’s home and says he’s doing well.

Jennifer Hackney’s mother passed away, her name is Judy Ziegler and for many year worked at the Senior Center.  Our prayers and condolences to Jennifer.

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