Weekly News – Jul 13, 2022

Jul 13, 2022 | News

Jul 13, 2022

Greetings Everyone,

Our speakers tomorrow are Laura Walters Harper and Mary Brooks of the San Juan County Historical Society.  They will present a documentary on a once wild mustang, ‘Rambo, of the Carrasco Mesa: A History of the Jicarilla Mustangs and Mustangers.”  Laura discovered, the horses used by the Conquistadors more than 500 years ago to traverse New Mexico had an ancient bloodline that is found here today.  We look forward to being enlightened by Laura and Mary.

A big thank you to Jennifer Hackney of Animas Valley Mall for presenting to us at our noon meeting last week.  Jennifer informed us of the fun and exciting happenings at the Mall, the new eateries at the Food Court, the Halloween Store going in at the Sears location, and so much more!  Jennifer invited Kiwanis to participate in the July 30th event, Back to school at Animas Valley Mall.  Animas Valley Mall is owned by Brookfield Properties.  Thank you Jennifer for your presentation, packed with information.

A big thank you to Scott Bird of Four Corners Economic Development who also presented to us last week.  4CED works hard to support and boost existing businesses in our community.  Scott touched on the important facts, we have many skilled workers in our community and the the low cost of energy and taxes.  Scott spoke of the many adventures in the Four Corners, World Heritage Sites, national parks, rivers, lakes, hiking trails, goflf courses, museums, dining, and shopping!  Scott invites you to become a Four Corners Economic Development Member.  Their office is located at 5101 College Boulevard.  Thank you Scott for your information and handouts.

Rhonda Stockert  will be inducted into Kiwanis at our noon meeting, tomorrow.  Rhonda is sponsored by Jill McQueary.  Please come join us in welcoming our newest member.

We will have a Board Meeting tomorrow, immediately following the noon meeting.  Kiwanis members are welcome to attend. 

A big thank you to our guests who attended our meeting last week.  Abigail Langlitz and Natalie Coleman, both of Animas Valley Mall and guests of Jennifer Hackney, also of Animas Valley Mall.  Debby Christensen of Mended By Debby and Nathan Scarborough of Nathan Scarborough Investments,  both guests of Lela Holmes.  Thank you for taking the time to join us.  Please hurry back!

Calling all Kiwanis!  We need Kiwanis volunteers for the Back To School shopping event at Animas Valley Mall on July 30, 2022.  Hours are 11:30A.M. to 3:00P.M.  Jill has ordered brochures,  Tony will bring games, our vertical display will be placed by our table, and prizes will be provided by the Mall.  Please volunteer and help us make this another successful Kiwanis event!

Lynette Kennard of the Santa Fe Kiwanis Club has reached out to our club for help with the staging of Zozobra on September 2, 2022.  They need help with ticket sales and  merchandise sales.  The shifts are 2:30-7:00 PM or 6:00 to end of shift.  The pay is $10/hour in the form of donation to our Kiwanis Club.  A volunteer application will be available mid July and I will forward link  as promptly as we receive it.  If you haven’t seen the Burning of Zozobra, it is a must see.  Please think about taking a fun trip to Santa Fe and lending a hand!

Thomas Jefferson and John Adams from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were signed) are coming to Farmington Civic Center next May 13, 2023!  They were both Presidents and they died on the same day, July 4, 1826.  This event is co-sponsored by Farmington Rio del Sol Kiwanis and the Civic Center.  Once the actors have completed their debate, they will take questions from the audience.  We have reached out to find someone to play a drum and fife, dressed in costume.  Plans are to show a film prior to event with pictures from 1776 era.

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