Weekly News – Jan 3, 2024

Jan 3, 2024 | News

Jan 3, 2024

Hello Everyone,

Our speakers tomorrow involve our theme ‘Getting to Know You’.   Hear some of our newer Kiwanians tell us interesting stories about themselves.  Great way to get to know each other.  Also, this meeting kicks off our first meeting of the New Year. Danielle Ramirez, Sherri Chenault, Devin Long, Perla Wahoske, and Lacey Yazzie.

Thank you Caliente Choir for your fun and engaging music at our last meeting, before the holidays.  I think everyone will agree we had a great time singing along and you each are so talented! 

Please keep these upcoming dates in mind and consider signing up for these important events. 

February 8th – Forks & Corks with Friends at 5:30pm at Traegers

*If you can assist with promoting tickets, helping gather sponsors, and/or helping gather wine and gift cards, please let Bernadette or Nikki know.  Thank you!!!

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